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Patient Resources


We are committed to equipping our patients with the knowledge needed to best manage their access and achieve their highest level of independence.

Preventative Evaluation

Preventative Evaluation

Schedule a Preventative Evaluation if you have:

  • Total access flow lower than prescribed

    • Your dialysis staff can assist with monitoring

  • High venous pressure in your access

  • Weak thrill or bruit

  • Loss of access blood flow during dialysis or need to decrease dialysis pump speed

  • Difficulty cannulating (sticking) access

  • Prolonged bleeding from access or break-through bleeding

    • More than 20 minutes post treatment

  • Difficulty achieving high quality dialysis treatments

    • Your dialysis staff can assist with monitoring KT/V and URR

  • Swelling/Coldness/Numbness of your arm, fingers or hand

  • Visible changes in shunt, including aneurysm formation

  • Strong bounding pulse (hyperpulsatility)

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Please bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Insurance Card

  • List of medications and/or medication bottles

  • List of allergies and reactions

  • Any medications you would like to take post procedure

  • Medical history (including surgeries and surgeons)

Please inform staff if you:

  • Have an allergy to heparin or contrast dye

  • Take any blood thinners

  • Are diabetic

  • Have had previous problems with sedation

Procedure Preparation

Procedure Preparation

Before your procedure you may be asked to limit food and drink intake for a period of time before the procedure or make adjustments to your medications.

Please work closely with our staff members and/or your dialysis center staff for assistance with your specific instructions.

Educational Resources from ESRD National Coordinating Council

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